It’s a sunny Friday afternoon, which means that it’s high time to head the campus bar and crank Gord Bamford’s tune “Is It Friday Yet?“. Here’s the chorus, in case you’re one to avoid listening to twangy tunes at all costs (although I do encourage you to give it a shot):

“Is it Friday yet? Is the weekend here? Is it time for me to kick things off with an ice cold beer?

Been workin’ so dang hard… did I forget? Is it Friday yet?”

It’s an interesting concept, the weekend – especially as a student, when the bulk of your work is self-driven. For lots of us, there’s no real reason to condemn yourself to a week of working yourself to the bone, and depend on the weekend to blow off a bunch of steam. But that is the way that a lot of the world operates…

As a big-time lover of country music, and someone who is prone to reading meaning into things and places that it doesn’t necessarily belong, I can’t help but think about the implications of spending lots of time listening to music that laments how crappy your job is, and furthermore seems to indicate that the best way a person could possibly spend their time is drinking whiskey and beer with their buddies on a boat, patio or other beer-commercial-endorsed spot.

To further illustrate the point, here’s the first verse from the song:

“8 o’clock on Monday morning,All I think about is when the day will end. Gotta make a livin’ somehow, that’s the way it is for me and all my friends. We watch the hours pass, every day I ask… ” – followed by the chorus.

I suppose the point is that I wonder whether listening to this music romanticizes crappy jobs, and almost idolizes a life of working in a crappy job and then drinking the weekend away with your buddies. Personally, I was planning on doing some work yesterday afternoon, but as I said at the top, Friday afternoon is high time for patio-sitting, music-listening and beer-drinking.