It’s playoff time, and the Leafs (read Buds) are heading to the dance. So what are a couple guys to do? Well, meticulously plan out a bicycle ride to spell some words of support for the team, ride that route, and post it on Strava for the world to see.


You likely have questions.

First, Buds All day? Yes. Buds All Day. Because the Buds are indeed All Day. As demonstrated below:


Credit to @3rdPeriodSuits

So that’s settled. Next question.


Why, you ask? Well, the two of us are a coupla bahds who grew up on Curtis Joseph and Mats Sundin. Children of the late-90s and early 2000s, we lived and died with the teams that went to the Conference Finals against the Sabres and the Hurricanes. Mats Sundin scoring a game-winning hat trick overtime goal, the 500th of his career, all narrated by the great Bob Cole. The annual rite of passage that was beating the Senators in the first round (again, often to the dulcet tones of Mr. Cole). (sidenote: what malarkey it is that Bob Cole isn’t calling ANY playoff gamees this playoffs. /sidenote). Gary Valk. Nik Antropov. Cory Cross. The killer powerplay that was McCabe-Kaberle-Wellwood-Sundin-Tucker. Too young to remember Sittler or Clark or the Great Screwjob High Stick of ’93, these are our memories. And as such, for nearly a decade our final playoff memory was Jeremy Roenick coming down the wing and snapping one past Eddie Belfour. And yet, our fandom persisted. And grew. For us, the Buds have always been All Day.

So here we are. After seven playoff games in 2013 that we’d rather not talk about, and an upstart club pushing the Capitals to the brink last April, this is the team. As people have been saying on twitter lately, Why Not The Buds?




So, today’s ride. The Tour de Buds. It started with some meticulous planning – maps printed, directions scrawled. In total, 61 turns.


Strava Segments highlighted in orange

Then, two bahds in their Sundin jerseys set out to write Buds All Day accross our fair city.


@AlSovran and @gloughto, repping no. 13

Pedaling along College, from Landsdowne all the way to Church, we finally ended up at the shrine – Maple Leaf Gardens. The ride ended at Centre Ice (now located in Loblaws’ International Sauces section).

So there we have it. We’re both back home, the ride is posted on Strava, and the Buds most definitely continue to be All Day. Now all we can do is wait for Thursday. The two of us, it can be said, are stoked.


Credit, again, to the esteemed @3rdPeriodSuits


Go Leafs Go.

  1. Original G said:

    As one who went all through university ordering pizzas from New Orleans Pizza in Guelph under the pseudonym Rick Vaive, I applaud your creativity and diligence.

    Go Leafs Go

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